Welcome Back, CWC!

by Sarah B.

I can’t describe this feeling,

The one stirring inside my chest.

Nerves, anxiety, excitement? 

I can’t tell if I’m feeling sick, or my best. 

I think they call it jitters, 

Those things that keep you up at night.

But jitters is such a mean word,

For a feeling that’s just so right. 

I counted the days,

I waited all summer,

I refreshed the blog; what I found was a bummer.

Even though I knew no post was waiting for me,

I still tricked myself into thinking there would be. 

I found myself tossing pages of poems away, 

Struggling with stories, finishing up paragraphs with care–

All the while muttering about how it just wasn’t fair.

But now it’s September and I’m staring it down, 

My clock, until it reads seven. 

I waited for months for my first Writing Club meeting,

And now that it’s here, I’m in heaven!

Time to speak with friends again, and learn, 

Time to cast aside writer’s block and boredom,

Can’t believe three months have gone by, how I’d even get through ’em?

So I send out a hello to all old friends, the ones who I met through comments and poems,

And I send out a welcome to all the new members

Of our writing family here at Florida Virtual. 

Sarah has been writing since she actually could write, even though the things she does now have changed a lot from stories written in crayon on pieces of printer paper, stapled together. She loves fantasy, dystopian, and horror, and she thinks it’s amazing how writing can bring together so many different kinds of people. It’s her third year in Creative Writing Club and she is currently working on the first book of what she hopes is a series! 

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