NaNoWriMo Prep: Our Model Novels

What is your model novel for NaNoWriMo? Whenever you get stuck during the 30-day challenge, think of this novel. Don’t copy it, of course, but you can use it for ideas. Think of this novel’s author as your personal writing coach.

During our October 3rd meeting, students wrote book talks about their model novels. Students, please share your book talks in the comments below.

We are using the middle school version of NaNoWriMo’s Young Novelist Workbook to help us prepare for the NaNoWriMo challenge. You can find more information about the challenge and available resources here.

5 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Prep: Our Model Novels

  1. I am SO excited for this! My book talk is a little lacking, but I only remember the very, very basic elements of the plot for “Magnus Chase and The Sword of Summer”.
    In the cold, New York winter, a homeless teenager dies at the hand of a nasty serpent. But when he wakes up in a mystical place called Valhalla, his life, or rather, after-life, gets turned upside down; The world is ending due to Fenrir, a wolf wrapped in chains and he hasn’t any knowledge of the new world he’s been thrown into. Thankfully, with the help of old friends and new friends, Magnus Chase stops Fenrir and gains the answers to all his questions. But still, with each answer that is found, more questions spring up. His journey is far from over.

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  2. I chose fight club by Chuck Palahniuk

    Have you ever felt overwhelmingly bored to where nothing really matters anymore? What if insomnia and the feeling of emptiness drove you to start Fight Club. It started in good tastes but soon turns into utter chaos with a dash of anarchy. Now people in the club are dying, the club members are destroying things at the command of the narrator’s best friend Tyler, and the club is not really a club anymore as much as a cult. Tyler is an enigma but with his charm and natural sense of leadership, he is practically the opposite of everything the narrator is. Except Tyler and the narrator are way more alike than the narrator could ever imagine.

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  3. Here is my Book Talk for Warriors #6: The Darkest Hour, by Erin Hunter:
    Have you ever wondered what obstacles or personalities you would encounter in a world filled with feral cats? What if these feral cats suddenly decided to speak to you, in the exact same manner that they would normally speak to each other? The Darkest Hour by Erin Hunter is a novel that will be sure to answer these pondering questions for you. In this novel, communication is key between Firestar and his loyal Clanmates as they work to keep their Clan safe from a major, lurking danger; ThunderClan’s evil ally-turned-foe, Tigerstar, is planning to take over the forest! Not only will these brave cats work to protect their own clan, but they will also work to save the entire forest from this danger, so not even the smallest mistake can be tolerated in the process. The entire situation stems back to one prophecy, that fire alone will save the Clan, and that fire lies in Firestar…


  4. Imagine a group of selfless superheroes going on a mission to save the world. Sounds familiar, right? Now, imagine instead a group of criminals and outcasts joining together to go on a heist that will make them wealthier than they could dream of. Maybe you’ve never heard of something like this, but such is the plot of Leigh Bardugo’s novel, “Six of Crows.” Kaz Brekker is a teenage boy bent on being wealthy enough to get his revenge on Pekka Rollins, a man who has cost him immense suffering in life. So when Kaz is offered the opportunity of a lifetime in acquiring his much-desired wealth if he only breaks into the impenetrable Ice Court, he eagerly accepts. But this is a heist meant for more than one criminal. If Kaz is to successfully complete this seemingly impossible heist, then he needs people to help him. Which brings us to our Crows. Kaz Brekker, the leader of the heist and a notorious thief. Inej Ghafa, a spy so subtle and skilled she is known as the Wraith. Jesper Fahey, a sharpshooter with a gambling problem. Nina Zenik, a Heartrender who can stop a person’s heart with one thought. Wylan Van Eck, who cannot run away from his privileged past fast enough. And Matthias Helvar, a convict with a desire for revenge. Only this group of troublemakers can make Kaz wealthier than ever, but can they successfully finish this heist? And will they all make it out alive?


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