by Shalymar P.

Writing is never, ever easy but I wake up every morning grateful for the gift of being able to do this. – Guy Gaveriel Kay

Usually around this time, we endeavor or dedicate a day to celebrate and notice what specifics are we grateful for. However, we should not only use one evening or week to issue what we are thankful for. We should use the year to express our appreciation for different relationships, events, privileges, and blessings. Especially since we, as writers, most likely don’t write for only one week or day out of the year. And we forget to also show thanks for the less obvious and grand things in life. Yes, family, friends, food, shelter, are great things to bow one’s head be grateful for. But, what about the objects, moments, and subjects that allow us the freedom to write, to express ourselves, that in a way enable us to be writers?

I am thankful for the pencil in my hand, especially when in other countries you’re lucky if you bring a good quality pencil to school. I’m thankful for my laptop, because if not, I’d have carpal tunnel. I’m thankful for when I pray for inspiration, barely 5 minutes later I have 3 different poem ideas. I’m thankful, that I wasn’t born with paralyzed hands nor have I been in any accident that has left me that way. I’m thankful my mom taught me how to read and write, that whenever I made a mistake when writing or reading, my mother would make me start all over again. If not, I’d be horrible in grammar, spelling, and writing in itself. And I’m glad I don’t live in an era, nor a nation, in which censors harass, torture, or kill because of free expression.

Writing Prompt: Imagine a narrator waking up this morning, taking a soft breath, and explore the hardships, the privileges of writing, and what enable this talent. (It could be verse or prose).

2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Excellent points Shalymar! I often fail to think about the simple things in life that I am grateful for. This is a timely post, since we just celebrated Thanksgiving last week. 🙂

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  2. This is so great and so elegantly written, Shalymar! I love finding the tiny things in life to be thankful for and you expressed that perfectly, amazing job! ❤


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