Mystery at Hogwarts (Chapter I- A Birthday Fight)

By: J.K. Writing His 11th birthday has finally come, he instantly thought when he opened his eyes. As Jason Malfoy slowly crawled out of his bed he couldn’t contain the excitement that was building up in his body. He felt like dancing and laughing. Today is the day he finally takes that venture down Diagon … Continue reading Mystery at Hogwarts (Chapter I- A Birthday Fight)

The Ghost (Part III)

By: Shalymar P. VII The Confession   And as a youthful flower bitten by a tongue of limpid blue frost who fell to the icy crusted moss beds of a frozen mire, Still in the iron chill heat of the Winter breath blazing as the fire that swallows the lavender wood at the smoky eventide, … Continue reading The Ghost (Part III)