Club Members – Check Your Email!

Hi Voyagers!

A few minutes ago I sent a Creative Writing Club newsletter via email. It includes some important information, plus a to-do list item. Please check your inbox and your spam folder to make sure you receive it.

I am getting a few “undeliverable” emails bounced back to me, so if you don’t receive the email, please reach out to me so we can make sure your info is correct in the system.

Here’s a sneak preview of the email:

Writing Prompt:

Through the creative power of words, you are free to journey through the realms of your own vivid and unique imagination. What place do you dream about? Paint a word picture of this imaginary land so it seems like a real place to the reader, describing the sky, ground, landforms, water features, and vegetation in colorful detail.

Style Tip:

Show, don’t tell. Use sensory language to paint a picture in your readers’ minds. This is called imagery.

To use imagery in your writing, write details that appeal to the five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.


Instead of: The chocolate bar was delicious.

Write: The candy melted in her mouth and swirls of bittersweet chocolate and slightly sweet but salty caramel blended together on her tongue.

Instead of: He was tired after his run.

Write: After the long run, he collapsed in the grass with tired and burning muscles. The grass tickled his skin and sweat cooled on his brow.

You can find more examples of imagery at

Poem of the Week

How many examples of imagery can you find in this poem by Jay Parini?


By Jay Parini

1948 –

I follow it, the snail of thought

I leave the track, turn off this trail

I crouch in shadows, under ferns

I refuse to answer every bird

I see the liquid glister in its shell

I taste the wind

I smell the smoke of fire in the woods

I hear the crackle of a thousand thorns

I feel the temperature rising

I consider every option valid

I attend each phase

I crumble into wet, black ground

I lose my place in sand and gravel

I listen for the clash of weeks

I wonder where the snail will go today

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