The Warrior of the Past

By: Erika K.

The room was no bigger than a normal classroom and was a pretty simple room. That was until they saw the pod. Stuck in a pod was what seemed to be a girl about their age with ginger hair. She was closing her eyes and her chest rose and fell with each breath that she took. The pod had giant tubes attached to them and was pumping oxygen into the pod. Reaching out a hand, Nicholas touched the window gently, afraid it would break. The others were speechless. It was Liam who finally broke the silence.
“Kaito, what did you lead us into?” Liam said turning on his heel to jab at the black haired boy next to him.
“I found the holopad when I was fixing your holowatch Nick. I figured out all the passcodes but I was missing that chip.” The boy frowned, “I never thought it led to a room, nevertheless a room with a sleeping girl.” His eyes flickered back to the said girl in the pod.
“Maybe we should wake her up?” Emily suggested looking at Nicholas for support. “I’m sure there is a button somewhere that will wake her up!” Emily said enthusiastically.
“You mean this one?” Liam asked, pointing at a button near the window of the pod. Without waiting for an answer he pressed a button and leaned back. Not only did it open the window, the button had made a different door open up. The group gazed into the pod scared at what they would find. The ginger girl blinked and sat up, causing the whole group to jump.
“Hello! Where am I? Or should I say when am I.”

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