Light and Color (Painting by J.W.M Turner)

By: Shaly

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“Light and Color,” By J.MW. Turner

Turner’s portrait faintly depicts, the Biblical deluge story and Moses writing the Book of Genesis, while demonstrating Goethe’s theory of light and color, by the transition of yellow from white, to a gradual appearance of ruby red;”The creation of color is dependent on the distribution of dark and light reflecting through a transparent object.”

Write a poem describing the distribution of darkness and light, throughout the painting and the dramatic shift of colors from pastel and pale tones, to darker and robust pigments. How does the utilization of color, light, and darkness make you feel? What emotions come to mind? What does the painting evoke in you? Write about anything this painting inspires.


2 thoughts on “Light and Color (Painting by J.W.M Turner)

  1. All The Color

    There is nothing
    What is nothing?
    Define nothing
    If there is nothing
    How am I aware of the nothingness
    Or perhaps I am unaware
    Perhaps I am asleep
    But there is a crushing weight of nothingness
    Lying right upon me
    Where am I?
    Yes, right
    The white room
    The brightest white I have ever seen
    It has erased all other colors I knew
    Right from my memory
    I hate this room
    I wish I could disappear
    But I cannot walk away
    The others say I belong here
    My heart lies dormant; silence
    But the thoughts in my head are violent; unbearably loud
    I hate it here
    I wish I could disappear
    But I am called right into the spotlight
    The one place I feared
    The man goes to hand me something I had no intention to hold
    I want to run away
    But at that exact moment
    When the silence became too much
    And I thought I would implode
    I did
    For my dormant heart recognized the baby in my hands
    And every thought but one flew from my mind
    I love you
    And all the color returned to my life

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