Crime Prompt

By: Shaly

When the poetic structure, the ballad was introduced, it was initially not known for tales of love and royal courtship—no—when minstrels first began to sing the ballad, this poetic structure was utilized to tell stories about crime and corrupted behavior. Till this day, the ballad form is still used to allude to characters of rotten inclinations like in the popular 1950s song, “Mack the Knife,” by Bobby Darin; which establishes the killings of a the title character with a Swing-like melody and subtle imagery, inspired by Bertolt Brecht’s main character from his play, The Three Penny Opera. However, the song is not graphic at all, but strange enough has a much more fun tone, than would be expected.

The lyrics to the Bobby Darin song.

Write a ballad, describing a criminal act or unsavory behavior, it could be silly and tell a childish mystery or some sort of dire and strange human phenomena.

*Keep it school appropriate.*

One thought on “Crime Prompt

  1. As I lay awake at night,
    I knew that the wrong had won the light.
    The memories circled round like a dream.
    Guns were blasting as in a war,
    I really don’t know why I did so.
    I honestly just wanted revenge,
    But this strategy was way over the edge.
    The dead body laid over the floor,
    Now the ocean of guilt took away my oar.


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