Creative Writing Club Meeting Tonight!

Students, please check your emails - I've sent goodies! The first email provides details about how to enter our meeting tonight. There are specific sign-in instructions, so please read carefully! The second email provides information about signing up for NaNoWriMo. I hope to see you all tonight! Our Editorial Board has some fun things planned! … Continue reading Creative Writing Club Meeting Tonight!

Club Members – Check Your Email!

Hi Voyagers! A few minutes ago I sent a Creative Writing Club newsletter via email. It includes some important information, plus a to-do list item. Please check your inbox and your spam folder to make sure you receive it. I am getting a few "undeliverable" emails bounced back to me, so if you don't receive … Continue reading Club Members – Check Your Email!


by Shalymar P. Writing is never, ever easy but I wake up every morning grateful for the gift of being able to do this. – Guy Gaveriel Kay Usually around this time, we endeavor or dedicate a day to celebrate and notice what specifics are we grateful for. However, we should not only use one … Continue reading Gratitude

How to Write a Successful Story Without Losing Your Mind (A Handy Guide)

by Angel So, you’ve come here for help writing your novel/short-story huh?  Well don’t worry, I’m here!  Obviously, you should trust me because I know exactly what I’m talking about.  So, without further ado, lets get this show on the road!  (or these words on the book, I don’t know.) Step one:  Locate proper writing … Continue reading How to Write a Successful Story Without Losing Your Mind (A Handy Guide)