Hurricane Prompt

By: Aryana S. Have you ever walked outside after a huge hurricane or thunderstorm? Write a short description of what you saw or would see on the ground. Describe it using some of your five senses, such as sight, smell, sound, and touch.

Rain and Snow (Poem by Anon and Prompt)

By: Shalymar P. I suspect this poem was written by an ancient Japanese poet, Anon. However, I’m not completely sure due when I researched the name, I found no sufficient information on the author. Anyway, the Japanese poem, “Rain and Snow,” demonstrates a speaker who witnesses an endless bantering of rain and snow, and the … Continue reading Rain and Snow (Poem by Anon and Prompt)

Preserved (Painting by Akaine Kramarik and Prompt)

By Shalymar P. Akaine is a much more contemporary artist most famous for her portrait, “Prince of Peace,” a painting depicting Christ’s face looking straight at the viewer. Besides Akaine’s portraits of Jesus, she has done landscapes as well, as this one “Preserved.” Now in honesty, I had read the caption associated with painting, but … Continue reading Preserved (Painting by Akaine Kramarik and Prompt)